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When Work Begins

      Almost any construction project can be a major inconvenience to a homeowner, especially those with kids at home, or who work nights, or anything else where they experience the sights and sounds and smells of construction work in progress. There are a lot of moving parts and noises and dust and sometimes chemical smells.

      We strive to minimize the inconvenience, but there is no way to eliminate all the intrusions into your lifestyle that comes with any construction project. There is also the risk of accidents in your home just because of the work going on around you. To help reduce the impact on your lifestyle, and reduce the possibility of accidents in your home due to the project , the following list has been compiled to help you on your big day.

      Before construction begins, prepare your home for the work being done:      
  • Remove pictures and other objects hanging on the walls or on shelves that may fall due to the vibrations from working on your roof.
  • Keep pets and children away from the work area, or on the grounds around the area where there may be nails, sheet metal or other sharp objects.
  • Move plants, outdoor furniture, and other personal items inside or away from the building.
  • Park vehicles away from the building to allow workers access to the roof from the driveway, room to work, and to protect your vehicles from falling debris.
  • Cover water features or immoveable objects around the house
  • Do not run the sprinkler system prior to, or during construction
  • Make provisions for us to have access to electricity and water.
  • Inform us of any special needs or requirements.

      During Construction:      
  • Use caution when entering or exiting the building or when near exterior walls as there can be falling materials from the work above
  • Watch for nails on the ground near the construction area.

      After Construction      
  • Leave permits posted and ladders in place for city or county inspectors.
  • Watch for nails in the area. We will make multiple magnetic sweeps to pick them up, but there is always a nail or two that are missed.
  • Check all gates before letting pets and children outside.
  • Check vents such as furnace and hot water vents that may have become disconnected due to the vibrations on the roof

     Following these guidelines will help make your project safer and less stressful.

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