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      Colorado Home Renewal has experience in both residential and commercial roofs. The majority of our jobs are residential, shingled roofs, but we also do low slope roofs requiring different types of rolled roofing including Mod Bit, TPO and EPDM.

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      The first step on any residential roof replacement is to strip the current roofing off. Gone are the days when a new roof was put over the top of older shingles. Most jurisdictions have allowed only one layer of roofing for the last several years. Older houses may have two or even three layers that have to come off. The worst we have seen is seven layers – the first layer being applied in 1953.

      Once the roof is stripped and all the roofing nails are either pulled out or hammered in, the roof is sealed with an underlayment. Most jurisdictions in the Denver Metro area require a self-adhering ice and water barrier along the lower edges and in all valleys. The remaining roof face is covered in a synthetic underlayment that provides better protection than the tar paper used years ago.

      Once the underlayment is in place, shingles are applied to the roof. Starter shingles are installed along the bottom edge to catch water that seeps between adjoining shingles on the first row. Each successive row of shingles overlaps the previous row and joints are staggered therefore providing a water tight barrier for the roof.

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