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Roofing FAQs

  • If my roof isn’t leaking, do I even need an inspection?

    • Yes - Most hail damage can’t be seen from the ground. Where hail hits knock off the asphalt surfaces of the shingle, after several years of baking in the sun, those bruises can become holes. Your insurance company will not pay for a leaking roof or any interior damage once you are past your window of opportunity to file a claim (usually 1-2 years).

  • Why does Colorado Home Renewal prefer to use an SBS-modified shingle?

    • Many shingles being installed today are not impact-resistant. SBS-modified shingles have polymer built into the shingle to give it more flexibility and durability against wind and hail damage.

  • If I’m working with my insurance company on the claim, is it still smart to get three estimates?

    • According to insurance law, your deductible will be the same, regardless of which contractor you use. If you use a cheap contractor, you will save your insurance company money, but the contractor may end up doing a poor quality job to cut corners. If you get a pricy contractor, you could end up owing more than what your insurance company covers. Your best bet is to use a contractor who accepts your insurance company’s rates, as does Colorado Home Renewal.

  • Do insurance companies typically include all of the necessary work in my claim?

    • Surprisingly enough, the answer is ‘no.’ More often than not, insurance companies leave off critical items (ice and water barrier, drip edge, ventilation, etc.) required by your County in order for your roof to meet current building codes. At no extra cost to you, Colorado Home Renewal works with your insurance company to ensure these additional charges are included in the claim. We can also meet with your insurance adjuster at the time of his inspection to ensure he catches all damaged personal property

  • Is your workmanship guaranteed?

    • Yes. We warranty our craftsmanship for 5 years.

  • Do you give any free upgrades?

    • Yes. Even if your insurance company only replaces your shingles with the same type that you had before, Colorado Home Renewal gives you a free upgrade to SBS-modified (impact resistant) shingles. Also, even though synthetic underlayment is about three times the cost of felt paper, we always us it under our shingles. This underlayment is:
      • Stronger – doesn’t tear as easy as our crews walk around on it.
      • More breathable – will let more heat out of your attic and crawl spaces.
      • Water-resistant – helps protect the roof should any moisture get under the shingles.

  • What is the best time of year to get my roof done?

    • Roofing can be done in Colorado year round. However, there are a couple of key factors to consider:
      • Walking on roofing materials can be dangerous on days when there is precipitation, whether that be rain or snow.
      • Roofs can be replaced as long as temperatures are above 40 degrees. This will also allow the adhesive on the back of the shingles to seal as they warm up in the heat of the sun.
      • If you are paying cash for your roof replacement, you may want to avoid having your roof installed during the fall, which is the peak season. Try having your roof replaced in the early spring, or even milder winter months, to take advantage of lower pricing by contractors

  • If someone falls off my roof, can I be sued?

    • Not if you are using Colorado Home Renewal. We are fully insured with both liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance. If there are any accidents, we will cover the expense through our insurance.

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