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Storm Damage Restoration

      Storm damage along the front range is almost synonymous with hail damage. There is occasionally damage from high winds not associated with hail, but wind damage alone is the exception. When we think hail damage, we usually think of roofs, but hail damage also includes gutters, windows, doors, siding, decks, fences and personal property such as BBQ grills, trash cans, swimming pool covers, and more.

      Getting the damaged items repaired or replaced can be a nightmare to the uninitiated. It starts with a call to the insurance adjuster, and on more complicated claims ends up being an orchestration between half a dozen trades and subcontractors.

      Colorado Home Renewal streamlines this process and manages it for you. We start by providing a no-obligation storm damage assessment. We have seen enough storm damage to have a good understanding of when an insurance company probably will or will not pay for a new roof or other items. We will let you know if there is enough roof damage to get it replaced, if it is in good condition, or if it is borderline and the final assessment must wait on the adjuster to make the call.

      The additional pages in this section will talk about the process of getting storm damage repaired, what an insurance settlement looks like, and a few shots of hail damage to roofs and other items.

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